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Sumo vs Conventional: Which One Should You Do?

Even the most inexperienced lifters can usually recognize the difference between sumo and conventional deadlifts: with sumo, the arms are inside the legs (the width of the stance varies greatly), and with conventional, the arms are outside the legs. The hard part is deciding which one to do. Before we talk about which one's right for […]

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Low Bar vs High Bar Squat

Squats are considered by many to be the King of compound movements. Love them or hate them, there's some squat variation in almost every strength training program. There are countless variations: the two most common are high bar and low bar. The defining difference between high bar and low bar is BAR PLACEMENT. Bar placement […]

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Deadlift Stance: What's Too Wide?

A common question when learning how to deadlift is, “Where should my feet be?”. That’s an excellent question. And although the deadlift stance is unique to each individual, there are some general guidelines that apply to everyone.  VERTICAL JUMP The easiest and most reliable way to determine an ideal stance for conventional deadlift is to […]

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Eat less, move more. Right?

I think everyone’s probably heard: “If you want to lose weight, eat less and do more.”  It sounds pretty straight forward, right?  But just how much less you should eat, and how much more you should move is a bit of mystery. One of our clients (we’ll call him Elvis) recently had a DEXA scan performed. […]

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Bench Press Arch

The bench press has been called the King of Upper Body Lifts. And while you may or may not agree with that statement, you can’t argue with its popularity! Almost everybody does it… and a lot of people have strong opinions about it. The arch is the biggest source of controversy. Some argue it’s cheating, […]

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Pre-Lift Ritual

A pre-lift ritual is a series of actions or movements that occur immediately before you attempt a heavy lift. (Pre-competition rituals might start a few days out from the actual competition, so we’ll save that for another article.)  Some rituals evolve over time, some are the result of trial and error, and some are carefully […]

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