I started training with Amalia when I signed up for her Olympic Weightlifting class two years ago. I had very little experience with strength training and, frankly, was rather weak. Under Amalia’s coaching direction, I have mastered the Olympic lifts and gained considerable strength—I can now squat more than my own body weight!

What I value most about Amalia is her enthusiasm and her sincere interest in my improvement. She is unfailingly supportive and positive. When my technique starts going haywire, as it does every now and then, she patiently and matter-of-factly adjusts my workouts with the appropriate drills to get me back on track. On the rare occasions when I have been injured, she modifies my workouts to work around my injury so my recovery is as quick as possible. She offers me constant support, gently pushing me to push myself and improve my lifts.

It’s inspiring to learn from someone who competes at the national level, and her training programs have helped me make steady progress without burning out.  After two years, I still look forward to my workouts every week!*