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January 12, 2010

When I consider the health benefits, choosing to work out with Pattie is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Maintaining my commitment to exercising six days/week over the last year is an accomplishment that makes me really proud. The understanding that consistent action over time yields results is as clear as my need for a new wardrobe.

Here's what Pattie brings to the table... and it's not fried chicken I can tell you that!

  1. Knowledge. She really knows her stuff, my program includes weight lifting, core, plyometrics, cardio, nutrition...etc. If I need a work-around for a trouble area she always has something in her bag of tricks to keep me on track.
  2. Guidance. Pattie helps me to learn each exercise with good form and stay injury free. Gentle coaching for healthy eating and patience with my food foibles.
  3. Intention. She helps me set goals and the gains I make are by design. I feel set up for success. It's fun to try new stuff because Pattie meets me at my current fitness level and moves forward from there.
  4. Variety. Reviewing and revising my program periodically keeps things interesting and challenging over the long haul. I'd have probably fizzled out a long time ago if I only worked one routine for an entire year.
  5. Encouragement. I appreciate Pattie's capacity for patience and the positive energy she brings into each session. Sometimes I wonder who is happier with my success, me or Pattie.

It's a joy to be stronger, firmer and fitter than ever. It's cool to have my picture taken again. I don't really have any before pics because I didn't like the way I looked. It's a thrill to hear someone say "You look great how much weight have you lost?" or "You've really changed, you're my new inspiration". The stronger I get, the more fun I have, and everything just gets better and better all the time. And that... is what it's all about. Good job Pattie!*



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5555 N LAMAR B-110 AUSTIN, TX 78751

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