It all started just after I’d trained and competed in my first (have since done another) sprint triathlon. And although thrilled to be able to say I’d done something athletic like this, I was APPALLED at what I looked like in the photographs. I thought I was in shape and pretty fit.

My husband had started with Pattie just 6 weeks before and he was already getting results. I decided I too needed to make a change.

Ever since I married in 1984, I’d been putting on weight. I began on 7/10/2006 with a goal of losing 24 lbs by year end. Amalia started me gently (I was afraid I’d want to quit). Because I am a product of our society and its love of “instant gratification”, I was constantly worrying those first few weeks at how little the scale was budging.

But Amalia kept assuring me that I would see the results if I continued to be consistent in my efforts. She and Pattie have been unbelievable sources of knowledge and information along the way about how the body works and what to do to ensure health and fitness while achieving my weight goals.

By following their guidance and direction for eating well; doing cardio and our weight training, Amalia was able to affect a weight and size change in me in just 13 weeks that it took a full 13 MONTHS to achieve with another trainer 5 years ago!

17 short weeks later (a full 6 weeks ahead of time!), I reached my 24 lb weight loss goal! I then decided to try for 5 more lbs and did it! Best of all I’ve maintained my weight which is the real challenge — to affect long-term change in my lifestyle and eating habits.

As a woman you cannot deny the benefits of all this muscle tone. I’m about 10-12 lbs heavier than my wedding weight (my goal) but I’m in the same size clothing.*