Just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate GrassIron. It was a big step for me last year to contact y’all and set up an appointment.  I have never done anything like working with a trainer before.  I had visited gyms in Houston, where I used to live, but mainly used the rowers and treadmills.

John was great to work with.  We had a nice chat about what I wanted to accomplish, health concerns I had, and how to set up a program.  I’ve been intimidated by other gyms, but immediately felt right at home at Hyde Park.  John guided me thru the program he set up for me, and encouraged me to contact with with any questions I might have.

As I started traveling a bit more and missing the gym, I had John help me work out some exercises with free weights I could work on when Hyde Park wasn’t available.

I’m pleased to report that next month I’ll be attending my younger son’s wedding.  I’m so excited because I have dropped down two dress sizes (4 numbers!) since my older son’s wedding last summer.  Hurray!  I’m also able to tackle those subway stairs in NYC much more easily when I go visit family there.

Thanks so much to GrassIron.  I’m glad you were there for me.*