When I met Pattie, I had been a member of Hyde Park Gym for one month…and had never worked out.

It had been way too long since I’d done any regular exercise or weight training. I had never used a trainer before and I didn’t know what to expect.

We started slow, just lifting two to three times a week. At that time, I had no appreciation for Pattie’s vast knowledge that would help transform my body. I just liked having someone fun to talk to who would move the weights on and off the bar for me! Pattie took the guesswork out of proper training–which muscles to work and exercises to do when and with how much weight.

She has patiently taught me the proper way to do each lift, so that I am confident each time we increase weight or reps.

Pattie does more than just plan my workouts and monitor my progress. She knows how to read people. She knows exactly when to gently chastise, when to challenge and when to encourage me. Even when I didn’t really feel like lifting, I looked forward to my time in the gym with her.

It’s contagious being around someone who really loves what they do; she gets me excited and motivated not just about lifting, but about doing cardio and eating right.

She even went to the grocery store with me to show me how to pick out good foods and read labels. Before long, my body was changing shape. Muscles started showing everywhere. My agility and balance improved dramatically.

I am also amazed how much less stress I feel. Now we lift four times a week and can’t imagine my life without workouts. Thank you, my trainer and my friend.*