“Unathletic” was the perception I’ve had for myself since elementary school when each spring I ‘failed’ the annual President’s Physical Fitness Tests.  When I had the opportunity to work with Charles Keenan as a personal trainer over a year ago, I was hoping for firmer thighs and arms that didn’t continue to wave after my hand stopped.  Charles had bigger goals in mind.   I had no idea of the multiple benefits I would receive from the training program Charles carefully plans for our sessions each week.

Charles truly takes the ‘work’ out of ‘work-out’ with his positive attitude and encouragement during our sessions.  His knowledge of human anatomy and his focus on strength training for the whole body have changed my self-perception from “unathletic” to “healthy and confident”.  Along the way, I’ve also achieved firmer thighs, more sculpted arms, and tighter abs.  I wear smaller sizes and look better in my clothes.

With Charles’ expertise and direction, I may be wearing a swimsuit again by summer!*