Just wanted to let you know that I had a great swim this morning, and I had a much faster swim time that last year!! The results from the two years are:

35-39 Age GroupNameOverall WomenTime
20056 (of 8) Julie H31 (of 46)35:39.9
200419 (of 21) Jule H68 (of 83)41:24.7

So that’s 5:45 faster! Woohoo!! :-) Which is about 14% faster (uh, if my math is correct). I can hardly believe it!!

I have to give you a lot of credit!! I haven’t really been swimming that much, but I know that working out has helped me lose weight, build strength, and improve awareness of the muscles I need to engage to make my stroke more efficient. To me, shaving almost 6 minutes off my swim time is pretty awesome proof!

Anyway, I’m obviously pretty excited. :-) Just wanted to share the good news with you!*