When searching for a trainer I had two requirements 1) a female and 2) a runner. Well, needless to say John is not female. He is however wonderful and I could not have ask for anyone better.

I am 43 almost 44 years of age and the thought of working out with a male was scary and there is a wee bit of modesty somewhere in there too. His professionalism overrides any modesty issues and I was pretty much comfortable right away.

Finding a trainer is always a little tricky for me. I am a runner and some weeks log a lot of miles. In the past I have had issues with “cookie cutter” workout programs. These trainers, while aware of my running, where not sensitive to it. With John this has not happened. Each week he is inquisitive about any aches and pains, what mileage is coming up, and in general how I am doing. With all this information in mind, he tailors the workout to suit my needs and does not give me the “one size fits all workout.” The other really amazing part is he remembers from week to week and always asks how a run went. WOW!

I can also honestly say that I have worked out with a trainer for years and did not achieve the results I have with John. When I started with John I wrongly felt it would be more of the same. I can not tell you why, other than John is a really good at what he does, but I saw more results body wise in a short time with John than years with another trainer.

John is a very knowledgeable, professional trainer who is acutely aware of your training needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching. I also must give him many kudos for putting up with some childlike antics on the part of me and my workout buddy. John takes all of this in stride and still maintains his professional trainer demeanor (very hard to do because we have come up with some doozies).*