I’d been out of the gym for 25+ years playing high school, collegiate, and recreational level sports. I hated the weight room and found every excuse, cheating technique, and lie possible to get out of the weight room during my conditioning. I needed to get into half way decent shape from 20 + years at a computer desk job and Pattie was the answer and motivation to put me on the correct path. From all my previous coaches and weight room trainers, she is by far the best, most inspirational, and disciplined person I have had the luxury of working with. Her knowledge of weight training, technique, kinesiology, and nutrients-diet is a compliment to any work out session. Skills, exercises, and techniques she taught me are easy and transferable even outside of the gym. Her personality is hard to beat and is uplifting for any beginner to advanced level in the gym. I have and will continue to recommend her to any friends seeking to get back into shape – fitness of any kind. One thing to keep in mind – she won’t tolerate “sandbaggers”.*