When I first started training with Charles,  I was trying to improve my swimming, cycling and running times.  I might add that I am no novice to training.  Charles is my fifth personal trainer.

My average running pace seemed forever stuck at a 8:10/ mile pace.  Gradually my race times started dropping.  First it was 5 seconds per mile, then 10, and in the recent “Run For The Water Race,  my pace broke the 8-minute mile barrier.

I managed to finish with a respectable overall pace of 7:24/mile, and finished 6th out of 44 runners in my age group!

I firmly believe that this was due to the hardcore workouts that Charles designed for me.  (Jumping with both feet on the edge of  a huge truck tire and then even taller boxes come to mind!)  I have noticed my swimming and biking times have started to get quicker, too.  Charles is so right.  Core strength is everything.  Every squat and overhead press, combined with stretching and the painful foam roller, continues to strengthen my core and makes me a stronger weekend athlete.
Now my goal is  to pass those 5 guys that finished ahead of me in my age group.  That will take even more consistent work and self belief.
Charles  is the best.  His personal interest in my goals and his on target training strategies are unique and second to none.*