In January of 2004 I wandered into Hyde Park Gym – standing somewhat slumpy at 6’2”, weighing in at 213lbs. and battling a sense of exhaustion and depression. I was looking to find a personal trainer, but deep-down inside, I was looking to face the long-time fears and resistance that were standing, like a mountain, between me and the transformation I longed for.

It was my great fortune to meet Pattie Farley, standing behind the desk that day – she talked me through a course of action and we began work the next day. She set realistic, but challenging goals for me, designing a program that addressed the specific needs of my frame, that ramped up my metabolism and provided comprehensive dietary options that allowed me to remain a vegetarian.

She stood toe to toe with my fears and bad habits and shone a light toward a new, more confident self-expression. I learned to love the hard work and Pattie Farley rewarded me at every turn with her great stories and inimitable sense of humor as she raised the bar to keep me reaching.

She saw possibilities for my physical health and strength that I doubt I would have imagined on my own. Now I am right there raising the bar with her – setting goals I only recently thought impossible.

As of this writing I am standing tall, weighing in at 166 (I lost a total of 65 pounds!)., feeling levels of energy and strength that I’ve never felt in my life and getting excited to broaden my scope of athletic activities.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Pattie Farley for this transformation and cannot – repeat CANNOT – recommend her highly enough. If transformation is what you seek, and you are willing to put in the hard work, Pattie and Amalia will be there with the tailor-made plan for you and their singular blend of positive support and encouragement to keep you motivated.

The lessons I’ve learned while training have absolutely impacted all aspects of my life in expansive ways. Pattie proves my fears wrong and, through her hard work and skill, brings me deeper into an intimate relationship with possibility.*