Four months ago I would have thought you were crazy if you told me I’d be competing in an olympic weightlifting competition.

I probably would have asked you, “what’s olympic weightlifting?” and then thrown a couple poses your way. You see, four months ago I had just joined the gym and didn’t have any lifting experience to speak of. A competent cyclist, I was completely out of my element and muddling through Crossfit WOD’s just trying not to hurt myself. The work-outs called for all kinds of crazy things like “front squats” and “snatches” and I was busy watching internet video trying to figure out what it all meant.

After a few weeks, it was suggested to me that I check out Amalia’s Olympic weightlifting class on Friday nights. Eager to learn, I met with Amalia and agreed to attend. Within minutes of the first class, I knew I was in the right place. Amalia carefully watched me and gave concise advice that made things click. I started feeling the difference and started improving exponentially. After four weeks of meeting with her my snatch and clean and jerk PR’s jumped 20kg! My confidence improved every work-out and Amalia’s watchful eye made sure I stayed on track.

Something else happened during those four weeks–I fell in love with olympic weightlifting. After a few more weeks of steady gains, I decided to try my hand at the South Texas Open in Houston. Numerous events conspired to keep me from lifting, but at the last minute Amalia passed me her shoes and singlet and told me to start warming-up. I couldn’t believe it. She kept me calm and focused and I went on to make all six attempts and two new PR’s. It was an incredible day and I can easily say it wouldn’t have happened without Amalia’s compassion and guidance. I can’t say enough about the GrassIron crew. Thank you!*