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January 15, 2007

The definition of "train" invites one to look up the word "teach." The definition of teach, according to Webster's Dictionary is, "to accustom to some action or attitude, to teach students to think for themselves." The team of Grass Iron is a group of trainers who teach the normal person to become accustomed to thinking about eating as an action. The food we transfer into our bodies as fuel for life. Amalia has taught me that the work-outs are as important as the food, equally needed for my goals to be reached.

Because of the time I spent with Amalia, I've started to see every decision an opportunity to push myself harder i.e. using heavier weights, longer periods of cardio, and eating smart. I've even begun to type my food choices into the website they suggest (which I still do not enjoy) to help me make better choices, to give me the knowledge I lack, about the food I eat. Each action is a small goal accomplished.

Therefore, in a day's time I have the potential to accomplish a lot! I don't feel shamed by my lack of knowledge but empowered by her wealth of knowledge. I can hear her say, "Well if you want more definition, eat smaller portions. If you are going to eat dessert, push harder at the gym or /harder/ away from the table."

The more time I spend with Amalia, I feel myself become smarter about form, therefore, staving off injury. I find myself going to the gym when I don't want too, therefore, fighting life's clock which tick-tocks louder each year that goes by. I am committed to myself and the actions and attitudes she has taught me, to help me stay the course and accomplish my goals. I have been working out at Hyde Park for many years. I have seen Amalia's commitment to herself and to her profession. I have seen many other men and women train with her and can tell you stories about how they looked different afterwards. I have watched clients who worked out with Patti, looking middle-aged and broken down, who now look younger, leaner and tell stories of personal accomplishments on the treadmill rather than tales of woe.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would find more time to work with the people of Grass Iron. The money I do have I will spend willingly with them. This Christmas, my fourteen-year- old said, "I want to start working out, Mom." I knew who I felt could teach him the tools to think healthy for himself. There was no doubt in my mind; I'd be calling Grass Iron soon.*



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5555 N LAMAR B-110 AUSTIN, TX 78751

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