Olympic Weightlifting Class Rates

CardioStrong class austinWHAT WE OFFER:

Olympic weightlifting class is structured around the two competition lifts:  the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  Programming is specific to the sport of olympic weightlifting and includes a varitey of exercises to support technical proficiency, safety, and recovery.


Olympic weightlifting class is taught by experienced USAW Certified Coaches. We place a great deal of emphasis on learning proper technique and moving the weight safely.

We take a traditional approach with our programming: our lifters alternate between competition and strength cycles.  We don’t combine the olympic lifts with conditioning work; in other words, you won’t do 15 snatches followed by a 400 meter run.  You’ll spend the entire class working to perfect your technique and increase your strength levels relative to the olympic lifts.


  • 1 Class/Week:           $99/m X 3 months
  • 2 Classes/Week:    $199/mo X 3 months
  • 3 Classes/Week:    $289/mo X 3 months

Single Class:  $30 each

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