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Fitness Events in Austin

Many of our clients have fat loss as a primary goal. At GrassIron, we understand the importance of setting both primary and secondary goals.  In 2008, we began sponsoring fitness events in Austin.  Since that time, we've sponsored weight loss competitions, cooking competitions, walking challenges, and sanctioned Weightlifting Meets and unsanctioned Powerlifting Meets.  The end result of all of this? Our clients are much more likely to achieve their primary goal of fat loss and have a lot fun along the way.

As you can see, we know a strong sense of community is critical and we LOVE organizing events where people can get together, laugh and have a good time... and showcase all their hard work!


We specialize in personal trainingpowerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting. Our trainers/coaches have experience working with clients of all ages/fitness levels. Whether youʼre a couch potato or a competitive athlete, we care about your unique goals, and our only goal is to help you reach them!


5555 N LAMAR B-110 AUSTIN, TX 78751

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