5555 N LAMAR B-110 AUSTIN, TX 78751

Unsanctioned Powerlifting Meet: Austin TX

September 10, 2014

Day-of-the-Dead-webDay of the Dead

This is a DEADLIFT-ONLY Powerlifting Meet!

GrassIron's first "Day of the Dead" competition is an unsanctioned, casual meet where you can set new Personal Records and vie for one of four 1st place prizes - full Growlers of local beer!  These will be awarded to the top man and top woman in the Open Division (placement based on Wilks formula) as well as Master's division (40+ years old, placement based on Wilks + Age Coefficient - based on age attained in 2014).  A lifter must choose either Open or Master's upon registering.

Lifting singlets are NOT required, but encouraged.  A lifter's knees must be visible (to judge lockout).  Tall socks that cover the shins are REQUIRED.  Shoes are not required.  Standard "raw" powerlifting accessories are allowed (belt, knee/elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, etc), but assistive gear (Squat/DL Suits, briefs, knee wraps, sleeves made of wrap material, etc) is not allowed.

The meet will be performed with a specialty "Texas Deadlift Bar" and Pendlay Elite bumper plates, all weights will be in kilograms.  There will be pound-to-kilo conversion charts available in the warmup area as well as the scorer's table.  The bar can hold up to 290kg/640lbs in this fashion.

Each lifter will be granted 3 attempts in a standard "Round Robin" flight arrangement.  Opening attempts will be given at weigh-in and can be changed until 5 minutes before a lifter's flight.  Second and third attempts must be given to the scorer's table within 60 seconds of completion of the previous lift.  A lifter may not reduce their attempt weight and can increase their weight by 1kg increments only.  ONLY third attempts may be changed, up until the bar has been loaded, and up to two changes can be made.  Read USAPL Lifter's Handbook for more information on this process.


DATE:              Saturday 10/25/14

TIME:              TBA

FEE:                 $30

VENUE: GrassIron Gym
5501 N Lamar C-109
Austin TX 78751


ENTRY DEADLINE: All meet forms must be received by Midnight, Friday 10/17/14 – Late entries will not be accepted. Entry fees will not be accepted at weigh-ins.

Best Overall: Open Male and Female using Wilks
Best Overall: Masters Male and Female using Age-Adjusted Wilks

*There will be NO Weight Class awards and NO 2nd or 3rd Place awards.



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5555 N LAMAR B-110 AUSTIN, TX 78751

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