This athlete has made the most incredible of transformations. So far he's

lost 130 pounds!

That's pretty amazing in and of itself, but he didn't stop there. William recently flew to Philadelphia and

ran his first-ever Half-Marathon!

That's 13.1 miles! And get this... as soon as he got home he signed up for the Vancouver Marathon in May 2019. Very few people have that level of commitment!

William's in the gym 3 times a week for strength training. He's back squatting 85kg, deadlifting 90kg, and bench pressing 60kg.

When he's not in the gym, he laces up his sneakers and hits the road. Right now he's running an average of 35 miles each week.

William, your physical transformation has been inspiring, but watching you start to identity yourself as an athlete has been the most fun to watch. Your journey motivates all of us to set challenging goals and work hard to achieve them!*

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