MurphLast summer Murph weighed in at 220 pounds. In December he went to UT for a DEXA scan: 212 pounds and 22.6% body fat. He decided to make fat loss his primary focus.

Despite struggling with an injury that has limited the type and intensity of activities he can do right now, Murph has dropped more than 14 pounds of fat!

His July 1st DEXA scan:

197 pounds, 17.1% body fat

His secret? Morning training sessions in a fasted state and a very high protein diet. And he's basically eliminated all starchy carbs.

Today he's down to 190 pounds - so roughly 14% body fat.

Getting down to 14% body fat is no small feat. Getting down to 14% body fat while dealing with an injury is nothing short of amazing!

Murph, you're an inspiration to us all! Keep doing what you're doing!*

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