Laurie A.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Near the end of class recently, someone made the comment, "I need to work out more!  I want to be 'the Laurie' of the class"!  WOW!  What a compliment!

Laurie absolutely SETS THE BAR in our outdoor metabolic conditioning class.  She leads by example and manages to maintain an infectiously positive attitude, even under the most blistering of Texas suns!  Furthermore, like all great leaders, she's a great team player.  The majority of our medicine ball drills require a partner;  she not only demands a lot of herself, she demands a lot of her partner!  Inevitably, they rise to the occasion!

Laurie's attitude and work ethic are contagious, and her training is "solid as A-ROCH"!  Laurie, you bring everyone UP, and we feel lucky to have you in class.  You're awesome!*

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