Kev recently competed in the USAPL Central Texas Classic in Leander, and he had a fantastic day! He's a seasoned lifter, having competed in several meets, but this was his best performance to date!

Competition Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift

He started off the meet with a Personal Best:

205kg/451# Squat

He followed that with a: 

120kg/264# Bench Press

Deadlifts are the final lift in the competition. By the time deadlifts roll around, it's challenging to remain focused and keep your energy levels up. But Kev did it!

Finally, he capped off a stellar day with a:

205kg/451# Deadlift

Kev, we love how you always maintain your sense of humor and joke and laugh throughout training and in competitions. Being able to focus and lift super-heavy weights without taking yourself too seriously is truly a gift! Coaching you is always fun, and we're thrilled you had such a great day! You've worked hard - you definitely earned it!*

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