Austin Weight Loss Success Story!

When she decided she wanted to lose weight, Karen made some major lifestyle changes.

In March she decided to become gluten-free.  She also started keeping a food journal and methodically tracking everything she eats.

Now Karen sets her alarm and wakes up early every morning to exercise.  As a matter of fact, for the past several months Karen has averaged over 100,000 steps each week!  That's almost 15,000 steps every day!!  (Those of you who've worn a FitBit or a pedometer know just how impressive that is!!)  And in case you were wondering, that's about 7.5 miles!  Since the beginning of the year, there have been multiple weeks that she's taken over 120,000 steps!  Even on the weeks when she takes almost 18,000 steps a day, she never misses a strength training session!

The end result: Karen has lost over 40 pounds!

Your weight loss success and dogged dedication are truly inspiring, Karen!

UPDATE: APRIL 2015 - Karen has lost 82 pounds so far!

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