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Healthy Habits: 6-for-6 Challenge

January 1, 2016

Although last year’s Healthy Habits Competition was a huge success, we’d like shift the focus this year to COMMUNITY rather than competition. (We’ve got an amazing group of folks at GrassIron, and we feel like this is the perfect way for you to take full advantage of it).

This year’s Healthy Habits will be a challenge rather than a competition - in other words, no 1st or 2nd place prizes. We’ll have a private FB page for those participating - only folks who accept the challenge will be able to view this page. We’ll be posting daily, and we encourage you to do the same! We believe a private page is the perfect way to share ideas, recipes, find walking partners, offer support and encouragement - in other words, the perfect place for you to build a strong support network and to help one another make positive and lasting change!

Even though it’s not a competition, you'll have a list and make checks daily - only this time you won’t be competing against other folks, you’ll be competing against yourself! Lists are great for a lot of reasons: they help us prioritize, they provide accountability, and they’re great for reducing stress and anxiety (ever feel like you have a million things to do but don’t know where to begin?). Lists are a fantastic way to track progress and improve self-esteem. And last but not least, they significantly increase your success rate!

And at the end of the Challenge, we’ll meet for Happy Hour and celebrate our success! Woot!

So what do you say? Are you ready to become a better version of yourself?  Here’s how we’re going to do it! Sign up here

THE 6-FOR-6 CHALLENGE:  1/4-2/14   $29

1. FOOD LOG: What matters gets measured – and believe us, it matters!!! (We recommend My Fitness Pal, but any online food journal will work.)

  • Weeks 1-3: If it goes in your mouth, it gets logged! Partial entries DON’T count! Log ALL your food/drink for the day, check it off the list.
  • Weeks 4-6: It’s time to build on the healthy new habit you’ve created during the past 3 weeks. For the next three weeks, you’ll continue logging all your food and drink, but now you’ll need to meet your macros goal, in order to check it off the list!

(If you’re currently logging food/tracking macros, don’t worry - we’ll customize this challenge to fit you.)

2. STEPS: We want you up and moving throughout the day AND we want you focused on making small, incremental increases each week. If you’re currently using a Fit Bit, your week one goal is to simply increase your current average by 10%. Weeks 2, 3, and 4 you’ll increase your average by 10% each week. Weeks 5 & 6 you’ll maintain your steps goal from week 4.

If you’re NOT CURRENTLY using a FitBit, here’s how you’ll approach the Steps Challenge:

  • Week 1 Goal: 6,000 steps/day minimum
  • Week 2 Goal: 8,000 steps/day minimum
  • Week 3 Goal: 10,000 steps/day minimum
  • Week 4+ Goal: 12,000+ steps/day minimum

Meet your daily steps goal, check it off the list WOOT!

3. STRENGTH TRAINING: Lifting weights increases your bone density, improves your balance, increases your metabolic rate, helps with glucose control, improves your sleep, lowers your risk of heart disease, and increases self-esteem! So let’s get in the gym and pick up something heavy at lease twice a week!

4. SLEEP: Want to improve memory, curb inflammation, boost creativity, lose fat, and build a stronger immune system? It’s easy! Get some REST! Turn off the lights, put your phone in airplane mode, and grab some shut-eye. We’re aiming for at least 7 continuous hours of sleep.

5. WATER: It has a major effect on energy levels and brain function, can help with weight loss, and keeps your skin looking great! So bottoms up! Your challenge for the next 6 weeks? Drink 64oz of water each day!

6. MYSTERY CHALLENGE: Every Monday on the private FB page we’re going to post a mystery challenge... it’ll be different each week - so it’ll keep you on your toes!


Here's what you can expect from the PRIVATE FB PAGE:

MYSTERY MONDAY: We’ll post a new and different challenge every week!

TACO TUESDAY: Out of fresh ideas? We’ll share a healthy recipe every Tuesday - and we’d love for you to share one, too!

HUMP DAY: We’re going to keep you motivated and get you over the hump!

TIPPING POINT THURSDAY: We’ll share health and fitness tips to help you overcome obstacles and keep you moving in the right direction!

WEEKLY WINS FRIDAY: We want to hear all about your successes! We want you to share at lease one accomplishment from the week! WOOT!



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